Purification and treatment

We are among the founding members of WTA (Water Treatment Alliance), which includes European companies that are active in the industrial wastewater chemical conditioning market.

Treatments for cooling systems (evaporative cooling towers, condensers, coolers, chillers, dry coolers), with technologies that are ecologically compatible with drainage.

We supply instruments, chemical products and solutions that minimise the discharge from cooling processes, making the wastewater suitable for being discharged into the sewer or to a surface water body.

Treatment of heating and cooling closed circuits, with monitoring of the corrosion levels

Closed circuits can have multiple problems: when the thermal exchange surfaces are troubled by fouling or when the circuit energy efficiency drops, we can help with different technologies.

Treatment of steam generation systems, even in the food environment

We can treat your steam generator best, always supplying the best quality/price solution thanks to our more than twenty years of water treatment experience for the food and beverage sector.

Chemical washes even with on-line solutions (sidestream technology)

Circuits do not always have to be cleaned “off-line”: discover how we can reset the energy efficiency of your circuit, exchanger or steam generator.

Boiler video inspection

Together with our clients, we carefully assess if the chemical treatment applied to their steam generators is effective or if it needs to be corrected.

Prevention and control of Legionnaires’ disease

Our long experience in the field allows us to face this delicate subject in an extremely precise manner. In addition to supplying technological solutions and chemical products, we also do self-monitoring plants and decontaminate water supply systems.

Environmental disinfection for COVID-19 protection

The fight against SARS-CoV-2 also includes disinfecting environment to keep them healthy. We have cutting-edge equipment, chemical products and qualified technicians that are perfect for this type of work.

PFAS removal from primary water and wastewater

Tiny molecules, huge danger. Luckily enough, these synthetic chemical mixtures can be removed using various techniques, such as granular activated carbon (GAC) and/or special selective resins.

Design and production of membrane systems (RO, UF, MBR)

Our technical office can size and produce solutions for water recovery/reuse, a current, extremely important problem given the continually smaller amount of fresh water that is available.

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