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Purification and treatment 

Caring for water is a fundamental necessity for any company that wants to obtain maximum performance from its plants, while at the same time operating with full responsibility for the environment. With this in mind, we offer our technicians' expertise in industrial water purification and chemical conditioning to provide efficient solutions that make water suitable for every application.

Water treatment for cooling circuits

We provide instrumentation, chemicals and specific solutions to minimise discharge from cooling processes (evaporative towers, condensers, chillers and dry coolers).

Water treatment for closed circuits (heating and cooling)

We provide technologies and procedures to clean, flush and sanitise closed circuits, whether cold or glycol ice water or hot or overheated water, even when operating under special conditions. 

Proponiamo soluzioni su misura, coniugando esigenze del clienti, sicurezza degli operatori e rispetto delle normative vigenti. Forniamo, inoltre, supporto e consulenza tecnica nonché assistenza on-site e in laboratorio.

Water treatment for steam generators

To avoid fouling, corrosion and entrainment, the feed water of steam generators must be treated according to the law. We propose plant solutions, treatments and chemical products for optimal thermal power plant management, in compliance with current regulations.

Water treatment for glycolised circuits

The correct conditioning of glycol water circuits is essential to keep systems efficient over time, reducing maintenance interventions.

Wastewater treatment and purification

We specialise in the treatment, recovery and purification of wastewater and in the design, construction and operation of industrial water purification plants. 

Water purification and first rain systems

We design plants and supply a complete range of chemicals and treatments for effective water purification in the industrial sector.

PFAS removal from primary and waste water

Tiny molecules, high risk: PFAS have long been the topic of conversation, especially in the Veneto region. 
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However, these synthetic chemical compounds can be effectively removed using various techniques, such as granular activated carbon (GAC) and selective resins, or a combination of these. By studying the specific case, we find the best solution: we start by analysing the incoming water, a fundamental action to design an effective water treatment system.

Legionella prevention and control

Prevention, control and treatment are the coordinates of our activity in this field, which includes a comprehensive service package, thanks to the synergy with our colleagues at e_labo.

Chemical washing

This maintenance procedure removes sediment and deposits from the surfaces of evaporative towers, steam generators, boilers and pipes of thermal and cooling plants and process equipment.
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 This is achieved through the use of specific acidic and descaling solutions, chosen according to the type of deposit and naturalness of the materials to be treated. Our technicians examine the specific case, finding the best solution for the best and most effective cleaning of the plant. Objective: normalise heat exchange parameters for better system performance. We also offer an accurate programme of periodic checks and controls to guarantee the quality of the heat transfer fluid over time.

Design and construction of membrane plants (RO, UF, MBR)

Our technical department is able to sizing and create calibrated solutions for membrane plants (RO reverse osmosis, UF ultrafiltration, MF microfiltration, NF nanofiltration).
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This water treatment system combines efficiency, versatility and safety: membrane filtration allows water recovery/reuse and is effective against various pollutants or unwanted substances that need to be removed.

Environmental Sanitations

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the relevance of environmental sanitation as an element of prevention and health protection in the occupational environment. With the emergency over, the cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation of work environments remain in the foreground.
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We offer a line of specific products that are easy to use, safe for operators and surfaces, and comply with the European Biocides Regulation. The sanitising substances are effective against SARS-CoV-2 and Coronaviruses in general. 

We carry out swabs before and after the intervention to certify sanitisation. In cooperation with e_labo, we also offer support and technique for the definition of a company sanitisation plan for premises, workstations and common areas, as well as for the safe use of products.

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