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Since 1996, Pragma Chimica has been operating in the field of industrial water treatment and environmental ecology. We provide our clients, in Italy and abroad, with experience, state-of-the-art technologies, products and solutions to meet any specific need or problem in the civil and industrial field.

A phrase that our founding partner Carlo Masiero had made his own reads: “The land is not an inheritance received from our fathers, but a loan to be repaid to our children”. This shows our great attention to environmental conservation, which has always been one of Pragma Chimica’s main objectives.
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We give answers and provide solutions

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Every action performed by man, in industrial and civil activities, involves the production of waste, slag and pollutants. Their management must be careful and judicious to minimise their impact on the environment.

The continuous evolution of legislation in the field of water treatment, the complexity of disposal processes and clean-up operations can put even the most structured companies in difficulty.Giving answers and offering solutions in these areas is our task, which we have been carrying out with passion and dedication for almost thirty years, giving priority to actions rather than words.

With the aim of ensuring comprehensive service to the customer, Pragma Chimica offers analytical technical support for continuously monitoring the status of water treatment systems. Through our in-house laboratory, we are able to perform checks on specific parameters for wastewater control and chemical-physical and biological analyses to verify the proper operation of the plants themselves.

We constantly invest in the professional training of our technicians and collaborate with leading companies in the market of additives and water treatment plants to offer timely and effective answers.

What distinguishes our work

We like to repeat that we do not work for clients, but with clients. We have made customer service our strength and our business card: we commit ourselves every day so that those who choose to rely on Pragma Chimica can count on a trusted interlocutor in any circumstance. The ability to provide wide-ranging consultancy, the careful monitoring to which treated plants are subjected, the rapidity in interventions and deliveries, and the respect of all bureaucratic and legislative aspects turn into an important competitive advantage for our clients.

What characterises our daily work is the combination of global vision and attention to detail. We search for the best solutions that can help solve and prevent critical issues, reduce waste, optimise the production process and be (truly) sustainable.

With Pragma Chimica, the solution exists.
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Pragma Chimica has obtained the certification of compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards in order to ensure companies an increasingly qualified service that complies with current regulations. This is the result of a commitment that derives from a company policy that is attentive and sensitive to quality, the environment and customer needs.


Consult and download the complete document with the company policy in Italian
D5301 Quality and Environment Policy


Consult and download the intermediary authorisation document in Italian


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Within our company, e_labo was founded in 2003, specialising in qualified vocational training and corporate consulting for occupational health and safety.