Consultations, training, remote monitoring, global service

Integrating both fields (Water-Environment) means that you, our clients, have a single, reliable representative for two strategic sectors that require specific knowledge and skill. We pay attention to technological innovation to always offer you the best.

Energy and water recovery using existing systems

Water and energy are extremely important for any industrial business. We make forecasts and assessments to calculate the working costs of your systems so that we can supply technical solutions aimed at saving these precious resources.

Technical and legal consultancy service for water treatment

Respecting the parameters of water for draining into sewers/surface water bodies is extremely important, as is respect of drinking water parameters. Do your values not comply with current regulations? Contact us to find the best solution for your problem.

Worker training and information

Thanks to our partnership with e_Labo Srl, we can guarantee that our clients always receive constant and precise training on safety at work.

Technical and bureaucratic consultations on steam generators and pressure equipment (PED directive)

Our qualified technicians can supply this service for pressure equipment: boilers, tanks, filters, etc.

Global service solutions for managing systems

We guarantee a continual assistance service. We manage your systems fully: chemical product drum filling and disposal, chemical analyses, instruments, remote monitoring, maintenance and everything necessary for guaranteeing that your system keeps working well over time.

Remote monitoring and management of water treatment systems

Not just new systems, but also many of the already-existing ones can be integrated with “Industry 4.0”, which means that the operation and general state of the installed equipment can be checked and managed remotely.

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