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Water treatment for closed circuits

In both the industrial and civil sectors, closed circuits using water or water and glycol mixtures as the fluid used for cooling are widespread. These often find application at critical points in production processes or can be essential for the proper usability of a building.

Despite their importance, the control and chemical conditioning of the water they contain are frequently neglected, thus favouring the occurrence of serious problems such as corrosion, the formation of fouling and/or organic and inorganic deposits with a consequent drop in performance, increased maintenance costs, unplanned plant downtimes and a shortening of the average life of a plant.

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Water treatment for closed circuits: Pragma Chimica technologies

Pragma Chimica’s research and development department is at your complete disposal for the development of new technologies and procedures to clean, wash and sanitise closed circuits, even when operating in particular conditions, proposing tailor-made solutions, respecting the client’s needs and the operators’ safety.

  • Preliminary analyses
  • Periodic maintenance checks
  • Acid/alkaline washing and pickling
  • Remediation of biological silt and/or organic residues
  • Chemicals for reclamation and maintenance, depending on temperature, metallurgy and circuit operating conditions
  • Design of reclamation in operation (on-line), without plant downtime
  • Estimation of volumes to be treated using tracer technology
  • Testing of corrosion rates with appropriate test specimens (coupon test)

Our solutions for closed heating/cooling circuits

Pragma Chimica offers a complete range of additives for the preservation, cleaning and maintenance of all types of closed circuits, in compliance with the client’s needs and with the regulations concerning the safety of operators and environment, providing support and technical advice as well as on-site and laboratory assistance.

In closed heating/cooling circuits, we design and propose to our clients appropriate chemical conditioning of recirculated water for the above-mentioned problems:

  • Anti-corrosive deoxygenisers
  • Antiscalants dispersants
  • Alkalinisers
  • Multimetallic corrosion inhibitors, also in the presence of aluminium and aluminium alloy elements, for circuits loaded with brine or working with water of low hardness/electrical conductivity
  • Biocides and algaecides with biodispersants, for monitoring bacterial load.