Where others set limits,
we see horizons

We are an Italian company that has been working in the water treatment and environmental ecology sector for more than twenty years. Our experience, cutting-edge technology, quality products and solutions can answer any requirement or problem. Because there is always a solution.


From cooling systems and steam generators to chemical cleaning technologies and boiler video inspection. Prevention and control of Legionnaires’ disease. Environmental disinfection against COVID-19.

Products and solutions for treating waste water and rainwater tanks. Emergency ecology interventions and emergency shut downs (ESD). Soil and water characterisation. Environmental decontamination. Waste transport and disposal. Noise verification and assessment. 

Global service contract solutions for system management. Remote system monitoring and management to blend modernity with efficiency. Technical and legal consultations. Worker training. 

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Our story

  • 1996

    Pragma Chimica Srl was established

  • 1999

    The first chlorine dioxide generator for preventing and controlling Legionnaires’ disease was installed

  • 2000

    The chemical product line for treating primary and industrial water was introduced

  • 2003

    The first foreign purifier was sold in Egypt, and the company received ISO 9001 certification

  • 2004

    The first environmental decontamination operation was carried out

  • 2006

    The Arzignano headquarters were enlarged, and the company received ISO 14001 certification

  • 2007

    The new line of biocides with certified effectiveness against Legionnaires’ disease (EN 13623) was launched

  • 2009

    Foundation of the WTA (Water Treatment Alliance) 

  • 2014

    The first Pragmacleaner, an on-line filter system for closed circuits was introduced  

  • 2019

    The biggest selective resin system in Italy for removing PFAS was installed 

  • 2020

    Working environment disinfection started 

  • 2021

    New “green” chemical products were introduce to the market…and the story goes on! 

Pragma Chimica is looking for technical and company staff to help with product distribution, installation and assistance.


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