Water treatment, environmental services, innovation technology

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Industrial water treatment and environmental services are our two historical fields of operation. Over the years, we have added an innovation technology focus with a view to offering a complete service to companies.

We are based in Arzignano (VI), in the heart of the most important tanning district in Italy and among the main ones in Europe. This has allowed us to deal with the most diverse environmental issues, accumulating valuable know-how and the necessary skills to respond to the different needs of individuals and companies.

From the need to treat industrial water, to ensure plants are always performing well and to prevent criticalities in the production cycle, to the complexity of waste disposal processes, both hazardous and not. From the promptness in case of emergency safety measures to the accuracy of technical and legislative support.

It is important for a company to have reliable partners to turn to. We want to be your trusted partner: the service offered by our specialised technicians guarantees punctuality, professionalism, safety and speed of intervention.
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Products, plants, services for water purification and treatment.
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Intermediation of special waste with collection, disposal, and/or recovery at specialised facilities.
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Remote control systems, global service for industrial plant management, consultancy and technical-legislative support.
innovation technology