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Wastewater treatment and cleaning

We specialise in the treatment, recovery and cleaning of wastewater, and in designing, actualising and managing plants for cleaning industrial water. The continual research and development we do guarantees system solutions that are always cutting edge for every industrial activity.

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What we do

We make available chemical-physical-biological treatment processes, membrane (SBR – MBR – MBBR), biofiltration, ultrafiltration/inverse osmosis (UF/RO) and electrocoagulation systems, systems with zero discharge or with resins/filter mediums.

We also offer precise technical assistance and remote monitoring systems, taking care in detail of every technical aspect of the treatment process.

Products for treating wastewater

Basic chemical products

Anionic/cationic polyelectrolytes, coagulants, superabsorbent products, complexing agents, bleaches.

Adsorbing material

Resins for removing PFAS, activated charcoals, spent carbon reactivation, anthracite, pyrolusite, quartz sand, zeolite.


Enzyme-bacteria mixes for treating sludge, industrial and residential wastewater, aerobic and anaerobic treatments.

Special products

Defoamers, biological deodorants, nutrients for biomasses, bactericides. 

Water treatment: solutions and technologies

Thanks to the experience we have developed in this specific field and the continual updating of our experts, we can deal with every technical aspect of the water treatment process.

Our range includes:

  • technologies specifically for ecologically sustainable water treatment
  • chemical analyses
  • sludge dehydration and centrifugation to reduce the volume and quantity of the waste and considerably reduce the costs of disposal,
  • with transport to, and final disposal in, authorised treatment centres
  • consultancy on the development and design of new system solutions, with the possibility of remote control, and the revamping of treatment systems
  • solutions against odours caused by hydrogen sulphide: on-site diagnosis to identify the source, preventive treatment, dose monitoring.
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