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Industrial waste management and disposal, environmental services

Respecting the environment today is an imperative. It's not just about complying with laws and avoiding sanctions: it means being aware of the effect that each of our actions has on what surrounds us and working to minimize the negative impact. We support companies in this challenge by offering expertise, technologies, products and solutions for wastewater treatment and purification and a wide range of environmental services.

Waste management, transport and disposal (hazardous and non-hazardous)

We act as an intermediary company for the management and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, operating in compliance with regulations, guaranteeing safety and providing the best value for money. 

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Our activities include:

  • Classification analysis of solid, liquid, oil and solvent waste, with the collaboration of accredited laboratories;
  • Recovery and disposal of solid and liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous waste;
  • Recovery and disposal of spent solvents;
  • Disposal of equipment and oils contaminated with PCBs;
  • Cleaning and purging of tanks, silos and cisterns, through the collaboration of specialised companies, including in confined environments and environments of suspected pollution.

Environmental emergency response and emergency safety

In environmental emergency situations, we are structured to respond promptly and effectively.
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In the field of ecological emergency response, our qualified technical staff is able to provide the best service for emergency safety. We take over the entire process, up to the certification of successful reclamation, choosing the most suitable technology for the type of intervention. From preliminary investigations to characterisation plans and risk analysis procedures, without forgetting the bureaucratic side, dealing with the various control authorities in charge.

Environmental characterisation

Our qualified technicians are able to perform sampling for waste characterisation purposes.
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These activities, which start with an on-site inspection, allow us to reconstruct the contamination phenomena affecting environmental matrices, so as to obtain basic information on which to make feasible and sustainable decisions for the safety and/or remediation of the polluted or contaminated site. In collaboration with accredited laboratories, we carry out waste sampling for accurate characterisation. This procedure makes it possible to determine the characteristics of the waste through the collection of all the necessary information (process that originated it, raw materials used, safety data sheets, characterisation analysis, etc.) for safe final disposal.

Environmental remediation

The rehabilitation of contaminated sites is a fundamental tool for the protection of environmental resources and the defence of human health. 
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Environmental remediation plays a strategic role, but it is also a complex process.

In this field, we at Pragma Chimica position ourselves as a single, competent and trustworthy interlocutor, guaranteeing the realisation of punctual and decisive environmental reclamation in compliance with the law. We follow all the phases: from the preparation of the characterisation plan to the definition of the sampling and analysis protocol, including the drafting of the site-specific risk analysis and the eventual design of the remediation procedure, planning the interventions, identifying techniques, costs and timing. Objective: to eliminate the sources of pollution or pollutants or reduce their concentrations in the soil, subsoil and groundwater, bringing them below the risk threshold concentrations (CSR)/Contamination (CSC).

Video inspections

We carry out visual inspections with special high-resolution cameras to highlight any problems with drainage systems and related phenomena (leaks, infiltrations, structural failures, blockages, etc.). 
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This procedure, performed by specialised technicians, allows us to keep the cleanliness and deterioration of the pipes under control, preventing malfunctions. In the event of problems, prompt action can be taken, avoiding greater trouble. Video inspections can be a valuable ally to locate any breaks in the pipelines, providing a targeted solution to the problem. 

Sludge dewatering

Sludge dewatering is a process that separates the liquid and solid parts of pumpable wastewater sludge from industrial processing.

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The treatment allows a volumetric and quantitative reduction of the waste and a consequent reduction of disposal costs. We support companies in the correct management of sludge, responding to every need regarding their transportation and disposal.

Tank reclamation

The reclamation service of tanks and reservoirs, for their subsequent reuse or dismantling, involves the intervention of suitably equipped operators with specific equipment for the substances to be disposed of.

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In collaboration with qualified and specialised partners, we provide the following services:

  • High-pressure washing with appropriate detergents;
  • Suctioning, transporting, and disposing of liquid waste;
  • Possible remediation in confined spaces;
  • Remediation of tanks containing BTZ and/or diesel;
  • Tank leak tests;
  • Issuing documentation to confirm the completion of remediation.

Industrial tank cleaning

We offer companies our many years of experience and effective solutions for cleaning industrial tanks using high-pressure Canal Jet vacuum trucks. Additionally, we provide cleaning services for drains, channels, and various types of pipelines.

Working in confined spaces (DPR 177/2011)

Confined spaces have always posed a health hazard, often harboring pollution or environments suspected of being polluted. 

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In compliance with DPR 177/2011, we conduct work and/or cleaning operations in confined spaces such as underground tanks, reservoir, and silos, partnering with qualified professionals.

On-site inspections

Pragma Chimica’s technicians are able to conduct on-site inspections at companies for technical-commercial evaluations and to suggest the best solutions for the proper management of waste and all regulatory compliance requirements.

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