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Legionella: prevention and control

We have a complete service package for preventing and controlling Legionella that ranges from a preliminary analysis of the system to preparing the prevention and control document, from circuit decontamination with specific chemical products of proven effectiveness to periodic microbiological checks as maintenance, including bacteriological analyses of the cooling systems, and of the water and air circuits.


Legionella development conditions

The Legionella bacteria is often found in industrial systems with cooling towers and/or in the condensate water of HVAC systems. It can also develop in residential water systems and in the water systems of buildings, above all in large structures with centralised hot water systems, for example hospitals, medical centres, hotels, sport centres and spas.

Legionella develops best in these conditions:

  • water temperature of between 25 and 42 °C;
  • stagnation in the tanks and pipes (formation of biofilm);
  • encrusted pipes, taps, showers;
  • where sediments and organic material, trace elements (Zn, Fe, Mn), algae and water amoebas are present.

Preventing and controlling Legionella: what we do

Thanks to the synergy with our e-labo colleagues, we can offer an all-round and effective solution for preventing and controlling Legionella. We can develop a Legionella prevention and control protocol to keep the water systems and air exchange systems safe in structures where the bacteria could be found.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • systems and chemical products specifically for controlling the risk of Legionella;
  • preliminary analyses and a prevention and control document;
  • circuit decontamination, with analytic verification of the validity of the treatment that was carried out;
  • periodic checks as maintenance;
  • bacteriological analyses of the cooling systems and the water and air circuits;
  • internal personnel training.
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