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Side stream cleaning of closed circuits for heat or cold transfer

A range of integrated systems for side stream cleaning and decontamination of closed circuits for heat or cold transfer. With Pragmacleaner technology, easy to apply and install, stopping the system is not necessary. It also reduces chemical product consumption, and makes wastewater disposal unnecessary. After decontamination, if requested, we offer a service that includes assistance, periodic controls, and chemical analyses for correct system management.

trattamento acqua circuiti chiusi

The advantages of Pragmacleaner technology

  • No need to stop the system or dispose of wastewater
  • Suitable for residential and industrial circuits
  • Easy to apply and install
  • Reduces maintenance interventions and chemical product consumption
  • Heat efficiency can be recovered with sludge removal
  • Can be used also with particularly compromised circuits

Operating conditions

Before decontaminating with Pragmacleaner, users must be familiar with the true volume of the circuit to be treated: we have, therefore, developed innovative technology which, through the use of specific tracers, determines the volume of the circuit and if there are any leaks.

The advanced version of Pragmacleaner can be equipped with remote monitoring and alarm systems. In addition, probes and sensors can be installed to constantly detect the chemical-physical data of the closed circuit to be treated (turbidity, differential pressure, pH, etc.).

Post-decontamination checks

After decontaminating, we suggest installing a sample rack, prepared as indicated in the ASTM D 2688 Standard, to check the corrosion speed. We also offer an assistance service to guarantee that the performance of the products used and the systems worked on is always perfect over time: periodic checks are programmed and, if requested, chemical analyses.

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