Hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal
and interventions with emergencies

Every action carried out by people in the industrial and civil enterprise world leads to the production of waste, refuse and polluting agents which must be handled carefully and cautiously so as to minimise their impact on the environment.

Products and solutions for purifying water and rainwater tanks

The professionalism and experience we have acquired over the years are at the service of those who have to solve problems tied to water purification. We supply chemical products, services, consultation, and technological systems.

Emergency ecology interventions and emergency shut downs (ESD)
We answer ecological emergencies

We answer ecological emergencies efficiently and quickly. Our qualified technical staff will offer you its best service in relation to operation, with the choice of the most suitable technology for the type of intervention, and bureaucracy, namely dealing with the pertinent control bodies.

Soil and water characterisation

Our qualified technicians can characterise soil, water, and any type of waste in general. Contact us for a consultation or an inspection at your company.

Planning and carrying out environmental decontamination

Once the necessary analyses have been done and after seeing and considering the situation tied to the pollution to be treated, we can design and produce an operation procedure for decontaminating the contaminated site and returning it to its original state.

Waste transport and disposal

We propose ourselves as an intermediary company for managing and disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We operate in respect of laws and regulations, we guarantee safety, and we supply the best quality/price ratio for this type of service.

Noise verification and assessment

The laws and regulations on noise must be respected while working, no matter whether the job is new or already exists. If the conditions are unsuitable, a noise reduction plan must be implemented to define suitable measures for mitigating noise correctly.

Video inspections and pipe mapping

Using special cameras, we can accurately see and check the state of your piping, identify its route exactly, highlight any problems in drainage systems and linked phenomena such as leaks, infiltrations, structural and geological failures, blockages. The possibility of drawing up a certified drain plan is among the advantages.

Sludge centrifuge

Sludge centrifuging (or dewatering) is a process that separates the liquid and solid parts of pumpable wastewater sludge coming from industrial processing. The treatment reduces the volume and amount of the waste and lowers disposal costs.

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